Monday, August 10, 2009

Announcing the Yellow Summer Dawn Doll

Boy have I been busy, I hope you haven't missed me too much since our last Dawn Doll!

August is here, hottest time of the year for most of us. Time for melting if you don't have a way to cool off. When I was little the people in our small town of Rockaway quite often gravitated to our little lake, which was really a pond. But of course when you are little it looks like a huge lake.

Our parents would often take us down to this lake to have our little swimming lessons, play in the sand, and eat little pizza's or the grape, orange, lime or cherry ices. We could also be found playing in the little playground or sitting around telling spooky stories about the depths of our lake and the evil seaweed that would might grab your legs and not let go. But for the most part, we paddled around, splashed each other and just had a good time in the cool water. I believe Dawn and I mostly sat in the water, talking and laughing. Ah, the good ole summer days. Back before I renamed it summer daze.

Anyway, this new sweetie of a doll is now available on etsy at our little shop, She has new hair, a more detailed face, and she comes complete with a matching yellow hoodie!

Also here is a preview of some dolls I will have out this month, so keep checking back. Thanks for stopping by!