Monday, January 5, 2009

The sun has come out

The sun has finally come out and I get to take some real photos of the first Dawn Doll.

first Dawn Doll close-up

As you can see she is wearing a frock of chocolate brown corduroy, beautiful, pink paisley print on the sleeves and trim, pink bows on her shoulders and little black mary janes.

Now I don't recall my friend Dawn wearing something like this, but I thought back and I do remember wearing a ton of corduroy, and for her first showing I thought a little dress would be something special.

I should create her a little pink bucket, as this was a necessity to her. She got sick quite often, even after having a good laugh, usually stirred up by my being silly. I will share some stories along the way. But getting sick was just a part of having Cystic Fibrosis back then, along with many other breathing and medical treatments.

Back to the studio!

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